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Music Together - In school 

Hope Preschool is a licensed "Music Together-In School" program

The primary goal is to support children's music development. However, the play-based, developmentally appropriate approach also fosters children's growth in other areas essential to success in both school and life, raising the quality of a child's early education both in class and at home!


Music Together program models are designed to support children in achieving basic music competence—the ability to “speak” the language of music. Singing, dancing, moving, and playing instruments with others engages children, and can lead them to full participation in school, and family music-making at home. In addition, Music Together activities support children’s development in the following domains:


  • Music Learning and Development


  • Language & Literacy Development 


  • Social and Emotional Development


  • Cognition and General Knowledge


  • Physical and Motor Development


  • Approaches to Learning


Our music program:

For an additional $62 a school year, your child will receive: beautifully illustrated song books & CDs to take home each quarter, access to many Music Together online resources, and a weekly music class at Hope Preschool!

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